संजीवनी आयुर्वेदिक मेडिकल कॉलेज

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Department of kriya sharir


kriya Sharir is the subject which deals with all the basic knowledge and siddhantas as well as clinical examination of normal individual.At BAMS level all the concepts and fundamentals are familiar but overall conceptual understanding lacks behind. At postgraduate level these concepts need a different vision to understand and implement in practice. Our aim is to highlight this basic knowledge and to give new scientific approach to students to polish their skills of Ayurveda and making them compatible to apply in clinical practice.

It deals with the normal function of human body and its parts.It emphasizes the concepts of Dosha, Dhatu and Malas. According to the Ayurveda every individual is unique entity and for knowing this uniqness of every individuals “prakriti parikshan” that is the analysis of body and mind is the speciality of this subject.

Objectives :

After the completion of the study of Kriya Sharir for one year, the student is expected to imbibe the following: The learner should be able to

  1. Describe the fundamentals of contemporary physiology related to all organ systems along with the important links between these systems.
  2. Able to discuss whether Ayurveda can contribute to the further development in different streams of the current sciences.
  3. To analyse and record the fundamental parameters related to physiology.
  4. Acquire the reasonably good skills in written and practical physiology.

Departmental Features :

  1. Library,reading room,Computer and Internet facility.
  2. Well equipped laboratory and museum with required equipment, instruments, charts, specimans and posters.
  3. Books and dissertations - (With Sufficiant number)