संजीवनी आयुर्वेदिक मेडिकल कॉलेज

NH-24 Village -Bhagwanpur Near Brijghat, District - Amroha, Uttar Pradesh Pin - 244235

Department of Rachana-Sharir


Department of Rachana Sharir stands as one of the important pillar of basic principles of Ayurved. It deals with the study of Structure of the Human Body and topics like embryology, histology, Anthropometry, Genetics, marma sharir etc as per Ayurved and Modern science.

Rachana Sharir is an extremely dynamic and interesting subject to an inquisitive Practitioner and Researcher of Ayurveda. All the medical sciences require more or less basic knowledge of Rachana Sharir. Hence the study is indeed the most important of basic sciences of the life.

Objectives :

To deliver the knowledge regarding various vital structural details of Human body theoretically and practically.

  1. Being the most basic subject of all, make the students acquainted with applied and clinical relevant details of Human body.
  2. To conduct Research activities on applied platform as to exemplify various principles and obscure facts of Ayurvediya Rachana Sharir.

Departmental Features :

  1. Team of skilled and dedicated staff.
  2. Spacious and fully equipped dissection hall for cadaver.
  3. dissection, specimen preparation and surface anatomy.
  4. Well maintained Museum containing abundant specimens, Models, Charts for study reference.